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For privately held companies, one of the biggest challenges an owner faces is determining what the business is worth. It's an important question, especially for an owner seeking to raise growth capital, sell the business, or make strategic business decisions.

It's a certain question an investor asks along with "how did you reach this figure?" Do investors or buyers always agree with the formal business valuation provided by the company? No. It's more likely they see a different value - sometimes higher, but many times lower.

Learn the TRUE market value of your company and the best strategies to increase it!

Without this knowledge of true market value, business leaders are at risk of:

  • Unable to sell the company for what it's worth
  • Having difficulty in acquiring low cost capital or raising equity
  • Making the wrong strategic business decisions

While a typical business assessment can easily cost $5,000 to $10,000, it alone will not answer the true market value question. The reason is most assessments do not evaluate management capabilities, market potential, competitiveness, risks, and exit potential, etc.

Axis Leadership Group has developed a proprietary assessment tool to help CEOs understand what their company is truly worth.

Before Assessment


After Assessment


Utilizing our assessment and analysis, you will have a better understanding of your true market value, make better business decisions, and identify actions to make your company worth more. That's why private equity investors, individual business buyers, and business owners have all used the AXIS Market Value Scorecard!

The AXIS Market Value Scorecard, Assessment, Analysis Report plus 2 hours of Coaching is $1,995. The first step to increasing the market value of your company is to Contact Us or simply call 214-207-2525.

To learn more about the AXIS Market Value Scorecard, click on the link below to download the attachment.

Download Now: Axis Market Value Scorecard White Paper (Download Adobe Reader)

Please note, your responses will be treated as confidential information in accordance with the terms of our Confidentiality Agreement.

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